Businesses are by nature looking for:

Innovation and ways to further grow their market share, brand and customer satisfaction.
Ways to support & optimize their operations, reduce costs and expenses.
Ways to consolidate their business and to reduce their exposure to risk.

Yet... European businesses do not often look at corporate success stories in peripheric markets.

Awareness tends to be about global brands and western products.
Turkey has a very rich base in innovative companies, pushed by a culture of very high customer service.
Turkish companies have learned to succeed in a highly flexible, competitive and low-cost environment.

Nuru-Tech is about creating a bridge between European businesses and Turkish software companies, or EMA in general.

We compile and offer a catalogue of new products & platforms, from several vendors:

High coverage: products for all industries and all domains… and continuously growing.
Provide a brief description and references, and competitor products.
Highlight the Pain Points addressed (for business and/or IT).
Any interest? Further information about any product and its vendor will be readily provided.

These products are also opportunities to European consultancies: score points with new, innovative and competitive offerings.