Any DBA with root privileges can act with total impunity… undetected! (CTO)

I am spending MILLIONS on licenses for global branded products, every year, just to satisfy a regulatory requirement. Give me an alternative! (CTIO)

Use Cases & Pain Points Addressed

This tool solves the following pain points, or greatly reduces their impact:

Essentially defines itself as an alternative to its competitors, with equivalent capabilities and purpose, but at a significantly more affordable price.

Large organizations need a central AND secure place in which ALL activities related to a given database are being logged, by any possible users, including those have privileged, direct or root access to the system.

This tool closes the security loophole given by DBA's themselves, i.e. securely logs EVERYONE's transactions without exception and work-around.

By doing so, it also addresses a security need in the organization's data security framework (See also GDPR, DSGVO, SOX, GLBA, PCI DSS, HIPAA, FIPA, KVKK & BDKK compliance requirements).

It performs detailed database user activity monitoring and has both a session and an SQL transaction logger.

It can trigger action upon the violation of some business rules (e.g. alarms, messages, or other…).

It has an enhanced built-in reporting infrastructure, for legal or company-internal reporting.
  • About 40+ pre-defined reports (most frequently required).
  • Ability to define and design any additional ones, without restriction and without expert service support.

Key Features & Differentiators

The following features and advantages should be noted:

  • Monitors and logs all activities done in database, i.e. including high-volume ones (with Elasticsearch).
  • Logs are stored in big data platform (whereas some competitors store in RDBMS).
  • This architecture uses Open Source new technologies (Elasticsearch, Kafka, Kibana), as opposed to proprietary components or custom-developments.
  • Centralized GUI (as opposed to a separate GUI for every agent, or collector).

Generates real time alarms:
  • Upon a log-in of a user into the database, or any database object accessed.
  • Triggers depend on accessing user, originating IP, time of access, type of object accessed, some details of the query, etc.
  • Alarms can be emails, messages sent over SNMP trap, SMS...

Does not require auditing to be switched on RDBMS level, which significantly drags performance (CPU and memory consumption much higher). By contrast, this tool doesn't doesn't run any process on database level: it reads from the network card, or from OS commands. As a result, the database performance is unaffected.

Logs are securely stored and access is strictly restricted.

  • On premise: Oracle & SQL Server.
  • On premise: PostgreSQL (Development completing).
  • Oracle, SQL Server in the Cloud: AWS only.
  • Deployment in the Cloud: AWS only.

Costs/Expenses: comes at a fraction of the cost of international vendor tools (List Price comparison).