Processing data streams and real time events is all good and exciting, but ROI, time-to-market and complex business scenarios are still an issue.
My campaigns and customer touchpoints are decentralized, decorrelated, and always too late! (CMO)

Use Cases & Pain Points Addressed

This tool solves the following pain points, or greatly reduces their impact:

Supports the vision of a continuous intelligence platform and customer journey orchestration:
  • Real time event processing capabilities.
  • Real time visualization and dashboarding.
  • Possibility of integration with intelligent processing and machine learning.

High maturity and reach:
  • A very large amount of scenarios have already been implemented in areas such as real-time marketing, customer experience mgmt., real time fraud mgmt., etc.
  • Preventive maintenance: suitable in industries providing equipment and maintenance services (e.g. combine sensor data, to diagnose/anticipate failures and ensure efficient planning of on-site teams).
  • Customer support: proactively inform customer services of events affecting quality of service, and anticipate preparations required to compensate failures.
  • ... and many more: data and business insight can be monetized through the implementation of almost any scenario.

The tool has the ability to sustain short time-to-market after first delivery, i.e. through its intuitive and easy-to-use editors (this should be especially tried and tested at PoC time!).

To further accelerate ROI, it comes with a set of ready scenario in several business areas (e.g. marketing and fraud mgmt., for banking, telco operators and e-commerce).

Adaptability to any business situation and need:
  • It features 2 scenario editors: (1) Eclipse RCP to design complex scenarios, and (2) web-text based scenario editor for business users and easier scenarios.
  • Actions (i.e. once an event is captured and processed: what to do next?): being one of the core components of the platform, a rich set of out-of-the-box actions can be extended easily.
  • Both tool and vendor have the ability & flexibility to support informally with non-standard listeners/connectors (quite common especially in industrial environments or utilities).

All-in-one platform, from listener to action: all scenarios can be entirely modelled, E2E, i.e. on one single tool supporting the whole enterprise.

Key Features & Differentiators

The following features and advantages should be noted:

Architecture-level (besides very high performance and in-memory calculation features):
  • High availability and no-event lost mechanisms in case of disaster.
  • Supports docker (fully scalable).
  • Ability to process streams in synchronous and asynchronous way.
  • Powerful cache usage for event processing and data enrichment.
  • Flexible persistency: level and amount can be defined for each scenario separately.
  • NoSQL Logging: Elasticsearch brings many advantages in reporting/analytics capabilities.

It is business-oriented, i.e. designed to be used by business users (typically business analysts) who don’t need to have SW development or scripting skills: focus on business rather than on technology.

There are event, data, action catalogues, allowing for a high degree of reusability. It features also the creation of scenario templates.

It is platform-independent and free of any commercial or technical constraint that come in bundle with other components of other vendors – or supposedly “pre-integrated suites".

The tool doesn't compare negatively on the technical side with competitor products, but stands-out on its easiness of use and business friendliness. Some competitor products don't include [the triggering of] actions.

Supports enrichment to/from Oracle, Teradata, SAP HANA, NoSQL (Cassandra, Mongo), SQL Server.

Even though it misses the sales and execution power of global brands, it is in fact the most used stream processing platform in the region, especially in banking, telecom and e-business.

Costs/Expenses: while not being significantly cheaper, it is never more expensive; price has never been an issue. A fast ROI amplifies that point further.

A word on performance:
  • Performance is no show-stopper... By now, and across more than 30 countries where it has been implemented, the application touches 500+ Mio end users and processes more than 18 billion events, every day.