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Use Cases & Pain Points Addressed

Currently Airlines have milage programrams but limited merchants are involved. Card holder currently may get points from participating bank credit cards, participating limited merchants. Wİth GlobalMiles, end users are able to collect miles from all participating members (participating member can be a small supermarket chain, restaurant chain, juwellery shop, etc.). Also, end customer may chose to buy free tickets from any airline or use points to get discounts or use againts sales. Also with GlobalMiles, points can be transferred to any member. Also, it is possible to turn points into cash towards a Visa Card. The aim is to move Points as importat part of clients lives.

Partner can have multiple stores/branches/brands - like an AVM, or a Chain.
Some self-managing permissions can be delegated to partners, some other must be going through the GlobalMiles admin.

Detailed and tailored administration for every shop is possible.

Key Features & Differentiators

White Label Loyalty Platform (can be leased to any Loyalty Platform)

Loyalty As A Service (LAAS) is possible with GlobalMiles. It is a multi-purpose Loyalty Program that based on Blockchain technology.

Integration with earned miles, or spent miles, via integration with airline systems (Amadeus) Ability to use points for reward flights, as well as for redemption, all on the basis of an abstract currency (points), which Cashback option with VISA... redeem points as money, as alternative to redeeming points directly with retail shops or airlines.

GlobalMiles Platform can be used as the branded Loyalty Program of entire corporations, e.g. airlines, as SaaS. Redeeming Airline Miles in shopping malls.

Global Miles has exposed API's so any platform, device, can integrated with GlobalMiles via that API. Systems supports converting points from more than 1000 airlines to miles.

Global Miles Network (B2C) - coalition program creating a network of consumer Has its own currency "Global Miles", benefiting to all participants of the program. Mileage program connected to Customers. Global miles are selling the tokens to the partners. Makes it easy to integrate with airline and merchants... thus expanding their parter network, and making it easy to integrate

BlockChain mechanism implements points as "token", regardeless of where they are being redeemed from.

For airlines: Gives option to redeem miles and generate cash from it, give more option to Customers to redeem their miles as well.