When doing background checks on any other company, the first thing to do is try gather registration info and other public data…
Unfortunately that's often very frustrating and vain. (CRO, Procurement, CSO)

Use Cases & Pain Points Addressed

This tool solves the following pain points, or greatly reduces their impact:

Large organization working or partnering with other businesses needs background info about them, and indicators about the risk of doing/continuing to do business with them:
  • Banks and insurances... any business in need of assessing credit worthiness and reliability of their B2B customers, competitors, franchises, suppliers or individuals.
  • Public institutions in need to track a portfolio of companies in their region or sector.
  • Procurement offices in need of a background check on bidders and suppliers.
  • ...
  • In case of individuals: their role in a given business or in relation to other businesses.
  • There may be an interest in following the positive/negative news published about certain B2B accounts, and related to certain keywords.
  • It also takes clues from the digital presence in the web, of the companies in a portfolio.

The data gathered through this service provides a starting point and a ground stock of information for further assessment, e.g. to understand relationships, commercial information and stability. The information is interpreted / flagged (good/bad, risks, sentiments).

The tool can extract and visualize the ownership structures as well as the network of stakeholders, both within company and across others (as per the commerce registry):
  • All people legally relevant in a given company, including their role (e.g. owner, board member, etc.).
  • All connections to any company for a given individual, including its role.
  • … i.e. from company perspective as well as from the perspective of the individual.

All these data would be extremely tedious to gather, compile and maintain. This tool does it automatically for entire lists of companies, or individuals, daily.

Key Features & Differentiators

The following features and advantages should be noted:

All information it compiles is entirely based on public information, starting with the formal national registry of commerce, but also including scores of other data available online – international, national and regional.

The tool supports ad-hoc search as well as provides information about risks associated to a given portfolio, daily...:
  • Alerts & warnings from a rich set of public government sources.
  • Alerts & warnings from checking the company’s digital presence in the internet.
  • Extractions from public/online news: more than 920 news outlets(!).

News hunting provides a range of options to improve accuracy and insight.
  • News hunting provides a range of options to improve accuracy and insight.
  • Financial sentiment analysis (positive/negative), i.e. news analysis in financial terms.

Further features and modules:
  • Module predicting likely fraudulent merchant (i.e. defined as POS machines owners).
  • Module for license plate search in news, e.g. reporting on car accidents (financial/insurance fraud).
  • Balance sheets scoring (risk score), performed on given/uploaded balance sheets.
  • Shareholder overview: distribution “pie-chart” (beta version) – provided upon ad-hoc search for companies.

It is very easy to use, provides immediate results, and allows for easy maintenance of track lists (portfolio’s).
  • Multi-lingual support (for now: Turkish & English – more can be added easily).
  • Graphical visualization of business-to-shareholder-to-business relationships.
  • Has a very easy and transparent subscription scheme.
  • Comes as a data service: no IT footprint (login over a web page).

Specifically for Turkey: the history of the registry of commerce has been kept for many years, providing historical depth for information mining, and refreshed daily.