Consultants are plenty, but the ones that really understand the business issues, find innovative solutions, deliver them AND are affordable, are rare. (CRO)

Use Cases & Pain Points Addressed

Services can cover (non-exhaustive):
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer unification
  • Analytical sales planning
  • Next best product analysis
  • Score card development
  • Risk management and process development
  • Channel optimization
  • Process optimization
  • Customer retention
  • Customer lifetime value maximization
  • Customer risk scoring
  • Fraud detection
  • Collections mgmt.
  • Forecasting analysis

Further insight about ongoing services, past projects and timelines can be requested from the vendor.

Key Features & Differentiators

Niche expertise and 20+ years of experience in banking and insurance sector.

All data analytics-related problem cases can be picked-up (see business use cases and pain points).

Crede has a practical hands-on approach, using or creating its own data to demonstrate early achievements and validating the right course of a project.