BPM tools are not agile. Changes or new processes are still slow to implement & release… And it is never IT's priority. (CHRO & CFO)

Use Cases & Pain Points Addressed

This tool solves the following pain points, or greatly reduces their impact:

It enables medium- and large-scale organizations to design and deploy unlimited processes that seamlessly interconnect people and systems, at low cost of time and resources.

Every company, once it reaches a certain size (> 50 employees), has business processes which need to be conceptualized, designed, and eventually managed. This BPM platform helps achieving this as digital platform.

Process improvements & design of new processes (or enhancing existing ones) don't require vendor or IT support, thanks to its intuitive and ease of use, both in design and deployment:
  • Works literally as designed (i.e. as visualized in a designed flow).
  • Supports process analysis (bottleneck analysis).
  • Promotes proactive interactions – replaces emails to track & manage business.
  • Streamlines and accelerates processes and removes paperwork.

New versions can be released instantaneously and informally, without breaking the consistency and execution flow of old running ones.

  • Social networking: supports document sharing & messaging.
  • All-in-one platform: it supports open communication & messaging.
  • All records of communication are preserved on this single platform (additional communication on-the-side is often necessary at stages in the process, e.g. for on-the-fly clarifications, which this tool preserves as collateral information – as opposed to when messaging/email traffic happens outside of the box).

Compliance, Safety & Security:
  • Secure Data Sharing – including also option for integrating with Document Management System (DMS), e.g. SharePoint.
  • Keeps all logs and traces.
  • Built-in warnings.

Supports access-protected document repository, i.e. only through the platform, with meta-data search or full text search support and supports the document life cycle through integration with a document archiving/mgmt. system. Can also be integrated with MS Office 365 & OpenText.

Key Features & Differentiators

The following features and advantages should be noted:

  • Completely web-based.
  • No IT footprint: run-time process and all development can be done on browser.
  • Supports docker (fully scalable).
  • Additional agent services help managing the high usage on server side.

Extremely easy development of new processes, forms and templates – without need for extra programming, therefore suitable for agile-type development.

Adaptive case mgmt. allows users to handle the cases more easily.

Team collaboration: integrated messaging & document sharing, possibly associated with the transactions that are being processed.

Integrated rule engine, supporting complex rules, and thereby still supporting non-programmatic development.

Rule-based alarms (e.g. if some SLA's get late, or some get forgotten).

Supports various digital signature (CADES, PADES, XADES).

Can be offered both on-premise and cloud.

Has a native mobile app., for better customer experience on mobile devices.

The vendor has built a rich network of business partners:
  • A trainings program for partners provides the best level of service, with some compulsory units within the scope of the partnership program. These trainings are organized periodically and are free to all business partners.
  • Advanced Level Support (ALS) service can be requested, for analysis, determination of customer needs, solution development & technical guidance.

Some pre-developed ""verticals"" can be purchased/negotiated as part of the package (then further developed). The vertical for expense mgmt. is available for free.

Costs/Expenses: comes at a fraction of the cost of international vendor tools (List Price comparison).