NURU-Tech’s aim is...:

To offer new, attractive & cost-effective products to new markets, i.e. Europe.
  • All are tested and proven to be value-adding in major corporations.
  • Many are truly innovative and offer niche capabilities (i.e. have immediate relevance to business/IT stakeholders).
  • Far better value-for-price vs. international products (i.e. in case a similar competitor product exists).

To support the Sales efforts of Partner companies, which struggle to break the “glass ceiling” of international recognition, because...
  • Their engineering potential and quality is not recognized, or better: not yet discovered.
  • Partners in the program have weak sales organization, no presence abroad, no access to market.
  • Partners in the program may face language barriers or lack the right consulting support.
  • There could be uncertainty about legal coverage and support if not supplied under international brands.

  • Find and qualify suitable opportunities and facilitating the steps leading to a fruitful exchange and deal. o Market through digital channels, network of institutions, as well as social networks.
  • Keep growing the Catalogue.
  • Create an Entity in Germany, to help with local support, contracting and delivery
    • Business communication in German, French, English.
    • Product expertise & documentation [by default] in English only.