NURU-Tech is not a reseller: it is a match maker.

Nuru-Tech creates the opportunity and relates the customer/consultancy with the right product and vendor.

No charges for the service (light referral fee charged to the vendor upon successful sales).

Nuru-Tech is interested in transparency & a win-win outcome:

Accompany the opportunity and help it succeed.
Promote a direct relationship with the vendor, rather than eclipsing it.
Assist in communication, follow-ups, home-works, face-to-face meeting, etc... throughout the sales cycle.

Value Proposition: Smart alliance between Turkish flexibility & European quality.

Proven success stories in major corporations.
High commitment to customer satisfaction.
Higher flexibility, higher availability, more elasticity & readiness to support informally.
Result-oriented: fast adaptation to new requirements, and quick integration of enhancements.
Very competitive pricing, by international standards, thereby adding value to customer.

Nuru-Tech offers support on further levels:

Offices in both Turkey and Germany.
Optional support, both related and unrelated to catalogue items (on-demand only).
Additional consultancy, sourcing & outsourcing, as well as delivery services in IT Mgmt.