19 April 2020

Business Talk: Questions and Tricks that Could Help Save Your Startup.

Survival strategies for Startups in corona times.
7 April 2020

Business Talk: McKinsey’s comments and responses to the Corona virus outbreak.

Summary and comment on a series of articles from McKinsey.
29 March 2020

Business Talk: What the Corona virus could mean for the global economy?

Summary and comment on an article from the Harvard Business Review.
22 March 2020

What’s the meaning of “Nuru”?

The second most frequent question finds its answer here... Starting with Nuru-Tech.
3 February 2017

Hello World! 😊

Nuru-Tech's first appearance online... One of my mentors once said: "if you want to realize your dream, don't sleep!"
We are working hard to make a difference!