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Data Mgmt. & Security

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“Any DBA with root privileges can act with total impunity… undetected, untraced!“ (CTO)

"I am spending MILLIONS on licenses for global branded products, every year, just to satisfy a regulatory requirement. Give me an alternative!" (CTIO)
To consider in order to address the strictest regulations about transactions logging on a database.
(Like IBM Guardium or Imperva - well-known among security specialists.)
A tool that monitors ALL database user activities, regardless of channel, user or user privilege (especially including DBA's), securely logs them (safe from editing), and provides flexible reporting and alarms over them.
"I can't sleep at night because nobody can tell me clearly where my sensitive data are, and how I can stay on top of it!" (CDO) To consider in large & complex organizations, where uncertainty prevails about the whereabouts of sensitive data, and where help is needed in managing their spread. A tool used for the scanning, discovery, identification of sensitive data, in both structured & unstructured environments. Reported results allow for focused action thereafter.
"My DBA's spend 60% of their time managing data access privileges for all users." (COO)

“Data access requests approved by data owners must be fulfilled and applied dynamically, else it creates failure points." (CDO, CIO)
To consider in large & complex organizations in which data access policies and their enforcement are of critical importance, and in which size prevents effective solutions. A centralized tool managing and enforcing any user access and access privileges to any database, dynamically. It hands over control to data owners, away from DBA's.
"Who can guarantee that my sensitive data are protected and secured, in one single shot, no matter who or what queries it?" (CTO) To consider in large organizations looking for a catch-all solution to manage live access to sensitive data. A tool for dynamic data masking, i.e. masking sensitive data on the fly, to any user or application querying for it, dynamically, according to business rules and user profiles.
"We can never have the right test data, secured/masked, delivered to the right group, and ready at the right time." (CIO)

“Is there any multi-purpose tool to help with purging & archiving, or with masking data while migrating to the cloud? …anything better than scripts!“ (CTIO)
To consider in large organizations struggling with the mgmt. of their test data, or with purging, archiving & migration, and with the handling of its sensitive content. A tool that copies data between environments, while applying rule-based masking of sensitive data: fast, repeatable, simple. Both full extraction and data sampling are supported. Consistency is preserved.

Business Intelligence & Data Operations

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"DWH projects are an endless loop of code writing, keeping quality standards, and code re-writing again." (CIO) To consider in any project or maintenance effort featuring ETL development (ODI). An ODI code generator, working from any script written in SQL. The output code is standardized, has expert developer grade (ODI 12c), and is being generated within seconds.
"The first thing I wonder when I get a report is whether the data is correct." (CXO) To consider in any organization that integrates critical data on regular basis, and needs embedded controls and alarm mechanisms for quality assurance. A tool that identifies data inconsistencies, i.e. detects anomalies and triggers alerts, supporting a vast number of different types of controls, according to pre-configured business rules.
"Business cannot securely access and manage its own data: it's all in Excel! Every simple update request in systems has to go through IT..."
To consider in any organization that wants to hand over control to business to manage its own reference data and lookups. A tool that enables business users to prepare and manage its data assets, in particular reference data & lookups.
"My OPEX is still too high!
Reduce it, even if by 50K." (COO)

"My database connection details are kept in every client, installed on every pc. You call this secure?“ (COO)
To consider in order to ease the day-to-day load of desktop support & DBA’s, reduce costs and introduce common standards. An SQL query editor software (TOAD-like but web-based), to connect all RDBMS types from a single platform. The effect is consolidation, scale, enhanced security as well as savings in license & operational costs.

IT Monitoring / Cyber Security

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"I need to control the access to key assets of my data centre & NW, but my tools are hard to integrate and fragmented... I need a scalable, user-friendly & unified platform!" (CSIO) To consider in any organization, data centre, that is concerned about security breaches and heightened control, especially of privileged accounts. "Protect What You Connect": a Gartner-recognized cyber security tool in the field of Privileged Access Management (PAM), to efficiently manage, monitor secure access to any platform, device, or network element through a single & centralized platform. It supports organizations in securing their critical assets and assists in achieving regulatory compliance.
"One-time-password is unpopular because it’s user unfriendly… And on top of it it’s not 100% secure." (COO & CTO) To consider in businesses with an important and critical self-service component, relying on multi-factor authentication. A tool to replace the SMS OTP code sent for 2nd authentication to customers. It thereby eliminates security leaks as well as improves customer experience.
It includes all features and functions required for a secure digital login.

Enterprise Platforms & Solutions

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"Processing data streams and real time events is all good and exciting, but ROI, time-to-market and complex business scenarios are still an issue.
My campaigns & customer touchpoints are decentralized, decorrelated, and always too late!" (CMO)
To consider in any organization that looks for a solution supporting a unified customer engagement strategy, and a unified platform for its campaign mgmt. A tool with powerful and flexible stream-processing and campaign mgmt. capabilities to capture and act on real-time data streams. Its visual and user-friendly interface allows designers to conceptualize and release new scenarios quickly.
"BPM tools are not agile. Changes or new processes are still slow to implement & release… And it is never IT's priority." (CHRO, CSO & CFO) To consider in any digital transformation, improvement in business process mgmt., or business process automation. A business process mgmt. tool, renowned for its surprisingly easy design- and release capabilities, allowing for agile implementation and very low IT dependency. It also includes functions to implement ITSM.

Business Support Solution

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"When doing background checks on any other company, the first thing to do is try gather registration info and other public data… Unfortunately that's often very frustrating and vain." (CRO) To consider in any B2B business, or institution, where there is a need to view formal information & official statuses, about ANY company registered in the country - ready to use! "B2B KYC": a data service for risk analysis that provides market intelligence about other companies and relationship networks, by crawling public news as well as any kind of formal public record..